Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now that I've started this thing...

I want to post forever!! mwahahahaha (insert evil laughter)

The problem is what would I post. All day long I sit at this computer at work, listening to music to bring my stress level down, wanting to be online. I think I'm addicted to being online. First it was chat. Then it was groups. Now it's still groups (and I'm a member of many lol) and now of all things, this blogging stuff. Who will read my words? Ask any of my friends (and the so-called ones too lol) and I'm sure they would tell ya that I could talk forever.

Take for instance today...

I got up this morning in a wonderful mood. The weather was crispy and the sky loomed with a darkness of impending rain, but believe it or not, it felt good. When I got to work I was early so I did my normal stuff. Turned on the computer, set up my meds for the week, talked trash with Sherrie about our holiday weekend and fussed at Josh (co-worker) for turning the main lights on. (Note: Sherrie and I like to sit in the dark like vampires until the office opens lol) I don't know why we do this, we JUST do!

Today, I'm feeling the pressure of working in a law office. By the time the day ended, I wanted to cry, scream and kill lol! Man, what a ride! But now...the office is quiet again, it's 5:29 pm, and everyone is almost gone. (Just me & Trace)

I love the sound of nothing...

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