Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weeeeeeellllllcome back Boo!!!! I'm so glad you are stopping in again. What do you think of some of my improvements??? (Notice the London clock lol, now I can keep track of you! Makes it's much easier to stalk this way lol) Do you like our luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv fishes???? Awwwwwwww aren't they cute. Try feedin' them they love to eat!! (click on the water)

OH!!! Check out my drums! I love this stupid thing!

This is the furniture I wanted to show you. I know I've told you that I wanted an ottoman well... this is it. They have it at Ross where I saw the chairs. It costs about $150.00ish. What do you think? I would use this as an ottoman/coffee table for the livingroom. I'm interested in a wide ottoman; one that you can sit on, put your feet up or use with a tray to hold glasses and maybe a flower or something. The chair ...what do you think? How bout the combo of both together? What about a couch? Should I do a bright couch? What style do you think? I will probably go with something sleek, modern... Do you think the chair looks art deco?

(By the way the chair is $159.99 I think and babe THIS IS THE chair. I'm certain of it now.

OK while you're being honest, what do you think of this...

or this haircut....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Baby Imma Starrrrrrrrrrrr

Hey, Look Me Over
Tell Me Do U Like What U See?
Hey, I Ain't Got No Money
But Honey I'm Rich On Personality
Hey, Check It All Out
Baby I Know What It's All About
Before The Night Is Through
U Will See My Point Of View
Even If I Have 2 Scream And Shout
Baby I'm A (Star)
Might Not Know It Now
Baby But I R,
I'm A (Star)
I Don't Want To Stop,
'til I Reach The Top
Sing It
(We Are All A Star!)
Hey, Take A Listen
Tell Me Do U Like What U Hear?
If It Don't Turn U On
Just Say The Word And I'm Gone
But Honey I Know, Ain't NothingWrong
With Your Ears
Hey, Check It All Out
Better Look Now Or It Just Might Be 2 Late (Just Might Be 2 Late)
My Lucks Gonna Change Tonight
There's Gotta Be A Better Life
Take A Picture Sweetie
I Ain't Got Time 2 Waste
Oh Baby I'm A (Star)
Might Not Know It Now
Baby But I R,
I'm A (Star)
I Don't Want To Stop,
'til I Reach The Top
Sing It!
(We Are All A Star!)
Everybody Say, Nothing Come 2 Easy
But When U Got It Baby, Nothing Come 2 (Shout)
Baby Baby (Baby) Baby (Baby) Baby (Baby)
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Star)
Might Not Know It Now
Baby But I R, I'm A (Star)
I Don't Want To Stop,
'til I Reach The TopSing It! (Star)
Baby Baby Baby
Oh Baby I'm A (Star)
Baby Baby Baby
Somebody (We Are All A Star)
(Baby I'm A Star)
We Are All A Star
We Are All A Star
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby,
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
We Are All A Star
OK, now that I've sung my own praises, I guess I'll share my news...
Today, I was filmed for the local hospital here. NJN interviewed a representative from Corelle Institute, a cardiologist from the hospital, a Reverend and myself in regard to a study Corelle did on hypertension in black people and how it is genetically related. It was very enlightening. Hopefully I'll catch it on TV.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Check It Out

Hey just wanted to say that I posted some cool gadgets on the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The fishie tank symbolizes the years that I have known my soulmate. Although it's been only two years it feels like I've known him all my life. I've never felt so close and so connected to a person as I do Paul. Feel free to click in the water and feed the fish.

Did you see the cool drum set at the bottom of the page?? It reminds me of years and years of listening to my brother painstakenly beat his heart at the drums. Man, talk about some screaming and hollaring in our house!! You know what though, I'm proud of him. He taught himself those damn drums even if it nearly killed us lol! Love ya Ralf!! (Wish I would have learned too!)

OK, I just tried the drums out, OMG!! This has to be the coolest thing created! You can play the drums to my music lol! Wow, this shyt is hot! (Try it Paul... too bad there isn't a karaoke gadget lmaooooo!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I wasn't sure where to put this but I wanted to give credit where credit is definitely due. This blogspot was created using a scrapkit by a fellow tagger and friend, Xtenziv, she does absolutely gorgeous tags. Her blogspot can be found at ...

Thanks Xtenziv!!


OMG IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! AIN'T IT PRETTY??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I did it!!!!!!!

I finally did it!! I learned how to customize the layout for the blogspot woohoooooooo!! This layout was already created. I can't wait to try one of my own! (Yesssssss!) I slipped a few tags in just cuz I knew you'd stop in tomorrow. Glad you did! I feel like I must show off or something lol! Thanks Boo for lookin here when I know it's not your thing. You make me feel good when you take an interest in my ideas and thingys.
Can't wait to chat tonight!

LOL @ Last Word is Mine! How appropriate right?! lol

Oh, one more thing (giggles insanely), today was National Nude Day, did you know that??

And finally, last but not least...this is the card I was trying to make lol

The inside its got a couple of dings.

I know it sounds corny but by the time I got to the inside I knew the card was screwed up and I wasn't going to send it. I will keep it though. It may be fixable at a later time. Hey, have you ever heard of a Cuttlebug? It's this cool machine that helps you emboss cards and cut images. I saw it on QVC and thought it may be something I consider if this is going to be a new hobby. This is the Cuttlebug by the way and this is a demonstration as to how it works...

Oh and in case you got here late, I changed the layout back. It just wasn't what I wanted and I'm still figuring out how to tweak the customization of the page. When I get it 100% right I'll let you know.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I need to come here more often

I guess this seems ridiculous lol! I start a blog and then don't type here. Imagine that! I've been so busy at work I just really haven't had the time to say anything. Maybe tomorrow...