Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dorney or Bust...

Hey Boo,

Just wanted to give you some quick highlights of Dorney Park yesterday. First, its called Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. It's located in Pennsylvania. I took us maybe an hour or two to get to. It was me, Dee, Brandon and Erik. As soon as I can get my hands on the photo we took, I'm gonna send it to you. I'm trying to get Dee to let me take it to work and scan it. She's kinda hesitant since I didn't give her Brandon's baby pic back when I took it to work to scan it. Hey, it was mine in the first place right! They stole it from me!

Anyway, we got there about a 1/2 an hour after the park opened and immediately when you come in they take your picture. The first thing we did was have a caricature done of Erik. I'm gonna show you that as well. Now, on to my story, first let me say here that Brandon has motion sickness and always had ever since he was little. So before we left he took dramamine and countered that with an energy drink because he worked 16 hours the day before this trip and had just gotten off work.

The first ride we went to was the water log. I didn't do any rides this time because every friggin' ride had a sign saying "Don't ride this if... and of course, my recent surgery and heart condition was a factor. Talk about something sucking! BUT, I did not let that really bum me out and I figured I would do the water park.



This ride looked soooooooo cool. It twists and turns and I mean literally twists you around while you hit turns. Every time they came around, all I saw was teeth lol! The really neat thing about this park is that when you come off these rides, you walk through this small building and it shows you the pictures it took on the ride! Ain't that cool?! I wish you see it. I bought the picture from the Talon and had it made into a key chain. One side is them upside down and the other right side up. Oh and I made my first penny with The Hydra on it.

Then we were off...

The next ride was THE TALON...

This ride looked like it was the shit to me! I wanted on this thing so bad I could taste it. I even screamed a time or two with the people on the ride as they came around and did the loop. I stood right under that looped and laughed as the scream carried on to the next curve and everyone screamed again. What an adrenaline rush! I made another penny of this as well.

To be continued....

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