Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weeeeeeellllllcome back Boo!!!! I'm so glad you are stopping in again. What do you think of some of my improvements??? (Notice the London clock lol, now I can keep track of you! Makes it's much easier to stalk this way lol) Do you like our luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv fishes???? Awwwwwwww aren't they cute. Try feedin' them they love to eat!! (click on the water)

OH!!! Check out my drums! I love this stupid thing!

This is the furniture I wanted to show you. I know I've told you that I wanted an ottoman well... this is it. They have it at Ross where I saw the chairs. It costs about $150.00ish. What do you think? I would use this as an ottoman/coffee table for the livingroom. I'm interested in a wide ottoman; one that you can sit on, put your feet up or use with a tray to hold glasses and maybe a flower or something. The chair ...what do you think? How bout the combo of both together? What about a couch? Should I do a bright couch? What style do you think? I will probably go with something sleek, modern... Do you think the chair looks art deco?

(By the way the chair is $159.99 I think and babe THIS IS THE chair. I'm certain of it now.

OK while you're being honest, what do you think of this...

or this haircut....

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