Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Check It Out

Hey just wanted to say that I posted some cool gadgets on the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The fishie tank symbolizes the years that I have known my soulmate. Although it's been only two years it feels like I've known him all my life. I've never felt so close and so connected to a person as I do Paul. Feel free to click in the water and feed the fish.

Did you see the cool drum set at the bottom of the page?? It reminds me of years and years of listening to my brother painstakenly beat his heart at the drums. Man, talk about some screaming and hollaring in our house!! You know what though, I'm proud of him. He taught himself those damn drums even if it nearly killed us lol! Love ya Ralf!! (Wish I would have learned too!)

OK, I just tried the drums out, OMG!! This has to be the coolest thing created! You can play the drums to my music lol! Wow, this shyt is hot! (Try it Paul... too bad there isn't a karaoke gadget lmaooooo!)

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