Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I did it!!!!!!!

I finally did it!! I learned how to customize the layout for the blogspot woohoooooooo!! This layout was already created. I can't wait to try one of my own! (Yesssssss!) I slipped a few tags in just cuz I knew you'd stop in tomorrow. Glad you did! I feel like I must show off or something lol! Thanks Boo for lookin here when I know it's not your thing. You make me feel good when you take an interest in my ideas and thingys.
Can't wait to chat tonight!

LOL @ Last Word is Mine! How appropriate right?! lol

Oh, one more thing (giggles insanely), today was National Nude Day, did you know that??

And finally, last but not least...this is the card I was trying to make lol

The inside read...so its got a couple of dings.

I know it sounds corny but by the time I got to the inside I knew the card was screwed up and I wasn't going to send it. I will keep it though. It may be fixable at a later time. Hey, have you ever heard of a Cuttlebug? It's this cool machine that helps you emboss cards and cut images. I saw it on QVC and thought it may be something I consider if this is going to be a new hobby. This is the Cuttlebug by the way and this is a demonstration as to how it works...

Oh and in case you got here late, I changed the layout back. It just wasn't what I wanted and I'm still figuring out how to tweak the customization of the page. When I get it 100% right I'll let you know.

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